30 January 2013

Early forage

It will not be long before the bees find the first pollen and nectar of the New Year.

Here in the Thames Valley the bees will be foraging for Yew, Hazel, Alder and Poplar pollen in February and March - just a few weeks from now.
Clouds of yew pollen make a wonderful sight in February, as may be seen in photos from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (from a beautiful gallery of wildlife pictures)


Willow is a good source of both pollen and nectar.
"A Study of Willow as a diverse habitat benefiting pollinating insects in early spring" by Sylvia Briercliffe makes worthwhile reading.

Very soon there will be snowdrops and crocus, the year has turned. Whilst the coldest days often come after the winter solstice it is good to know that spring is coming.

 Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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