24 July 2013

A Grey Seal

The wild Cornish coast is home to Grey Seals, like this one, or perhaps it's a Selkie?

Celtic legends tell of the Selkie or Silkie, a magical creature, a seal in the water who can slip off the seal's skin to become human. Imagine being alone, an early misty morning looking down from high on the clifftops - is that a strong swimmer at one with the roll of the waves, or a seal or... 

This female Grey Seal was seen when on a guided tour with Koru Kayaking.  A magical moment in really enjoyable afternoon. Thank you to Hetty who led our group, told us stories and took photographs for us.

There is a traditional ballard from Orkney with a tale of a selkie:

'...I am a man upon the land
I am a silkie in the sea
And when I’m far from every strand
My dwellin ‘tis on Sule Skerry...'

Kayaking on the North Cornish Coast