18 January 2014

Wildlife Trusts' Action Plan to restore natural flood defences

River Wey in flood, Old Woking, Jan.2014
More rain on saturated ground and the River Wey rose above it's banks, shown here at Old Woking Palace on 4th January 2014. Are there natural, sustainable solutions for flood control?

The power of the River in flood is an extraordinary sight, and there is huge damage to people's homes and livelihoods which will take many months to repair. So far, my bees (a little way from this site) are just above water. My thanks to the kind lady from Send who rang to tell me they were in imminent danger, her timely call enabled me to rescue one colony which was in a most precarious position.

The Wildlife Trusts are calling on the Government to rebuild the country’s natural defences by investing in natural solutions for flood control, following the recent extreme weather and they have published a 5 point Action Plan:
1. Fix our broken natural eco-systems
2. Be WISER about addressing flooding, drought, decline of wild habitats, the natural environment and water quality issues together
3. Stop building on flood plains
4. Give key agencies the resources they need
5. Make urban areas more resilient
Read the full proposal at: http://www.surreywildlifetrust.org/news/400

Get Surrey has an ongoing timeline of Surrey Floods: