4 April 2014

Dandelion Time

With their bright golden flowers full of nectar and pollen, Dandelions are a treasure for bees.
Photo by Guérin Nicolas CC

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) provide a rich supply of nectar and pollen which enables the bees to build new combs and feed the growing population within the hive. When beekeepers see the dandelions in flower they know it's time to help their honeybees with spring cleaning since encouraging bees to build new fresh combs in the spring contributes to bee health. Dandelions are good for people as well as bees, full of vitamins and minerals, they are tasty in a salad or cooked like spinach, and you can make wine with them.
Many kinds of pollinators love dandelions, so if you'd like to help bees, put your feet up, forget to mow the lawn and blow a dandelion clock!

Dandelion Haiku

The dandelions

spatter-painting my work-boots
with orange ochre.

The proximity

of bees as I walk among
the dandelions.

A dab of pollen
left by the dandelion
I flicked at my son.

Leaving the paddock
the colour of dandelions
coming with me.


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