27 May 2015

A Swarm of Bees Lands

Do you know what a swarm of honey bees arriving looks like?
My doorbell rang. "There's a swarm of bees, come and get them!" Ok, just around the corner? "let's see then..." I went and looked. Yes, a lovely swarm of honey bees, about 12 metres (40 feet) up a Scots Pine tree...

Hmm, rather high and the bees may fly off even if I could get up there. Most likely this was a temporary resting stop for the swarm. These bees were in search of a permanent home.
I set up a bait hive in the garden and the next day the bees moved in.
A swarm of bees arrives in a bait hive
Photo: M Malcher

That is an impressive sight don't you think? An old Anglo-Saxon beekeeping charm refers to the bees as "Victorious Women", and watching them take possession of their new home it is easy to see why.

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If you want to learn about beekeeping, please join your local beekeepers association and take a reputable course of lessons before acquiring bees.

For the beekeepers amongst my readers, this was not a swarm from my own hives, but there was a lovely, marked queen.