16 September 2013

Planting Bulbs for Bees

Honeybee on Crocus

What could be nicer than planting bulbs to bring a splash of colour in the Spring? and the bees will appreciate the flowers too!
Older people living in more than 150 of Anchor Care's retirement properties and care homes are planting bulbs as part of their Bee Friendly national campaign over the next six weeks. I was delighted to be invited to help launch their campaign at West Hall, West Byfleet in Surrey.
Anchor's Bee Friendly Campaign Launch at West Hall, West Byfleet
Bee Friendly Launch at West Hall

What bulbs will you choose?

Crocus, snowdrop and winter aconite are my favourites and a large garden is not needed. A bowl of bulbs potted up now and put by the front door will be a welcome sight in February and March. 
Tip : put a piece of chicken wire over the top of the bulbs, under the surface of the potting compost, to deter the squirrels from digging them up!

Honey Tasting at West Hall, September 2013

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