28 September 2013


Water?  here in modern Britain, apart from the occasional hosepipe ban in an exceptional summer, all we have to do is turn on the tap. But how can we be sure it will always be as easy as that?
We have plenty of water and there is vast and impressive infrastructure which lets us take for granted that when we turn on the tap, clean water will flow.
Once I lived on a remote island where all water had to drawn by hand from a well with a bucket. I learned to appreciate clean water : finding a dead animal in the bucket, the water tasting salty and the worst thing, no water left at all...  Water is precious.

RiverSearch, Farnham 2013
Glen Skelton SWT 
RiverSearch organised by the Wildlife Trust aims "to reconnect local people with their most fundamental natural service…water." The idea is to "educate people about the link between healthy rivers and wetlands, thriving wildlife populations and a sustainable clean water supply."

I attended an informative RiverSearch Training Day in Farnham which was led by River Search Coordinator Glen Skelton.

After the classroom talks Glen led the volunteers on a practical walkover through the meadows, which on a beautiful summers day was as pleasurable as it was  instructive.

RiverSearch Volunteers, Farnham Maltings
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